RoeLee is a Histopathology and Necropsy system for Windows, developed, enhanced and supported by the statistical and computing specialists at RoeLee Statistics Ltd with advice from experienced pathologists. Since its first release in 1984 new features have been added continuously and it is now used worldwide by major corporations and individual pathologists alike. Excellent data entry, reporting and statistical analysis facilities. 

Peer review

A powerful Peer Review System is also available to accompany RoeLee. The Peer Review system can also be used as a standalone application to work alongside your existing system. Import and analyse data from other major histopathology systems such as PATHDATA, XYBION etc. Export data in many formats including FDA electronic submission via SAS transport files and SEND format

FDA compliAnce

FDA 21CFR Part 11 compliance. Recently the FDA have become more concerned about the use and submission of electronic records and have issued guidelines in 21 CFR Part11 and SEND file definitions. We have taken these FDA guidelines on board and the latest version of RoeLee will help your company achieve 21 CFR Part11 compliance.